The woman behind the saw

In 2015 my husband Jon and I left our tiny apartment on the outskirts of New York City and moved to Columbus Ohio to be closer to Jon’s family. When we bought our first home and began shopping for furniture we could never find anything we liked or the dimensions we needed within our price range. Luckily my father-in-law has an amazing workshop and suggested we build some of the pieces we needed in his shop. We spent weeks building a giant farmhouse dining room table and that is where my passion for woodworking began. Shortly after we completed the table we made another table, nightstands, shelves and more.

In 2016 we had our first son Jack and I decided to leave my corporate job to stay home full time and raise our son. I loved that first year as a mom but still craved working and being creative so I started building and crafting any chance I could get. I loved finding unique wooden boards from broken down barns in Ohio and turning them into something beautiful or building shelves and other wall decor for friends. Before I knew it I couldn’t keep up with all of the ideas I had and decided to turn a hobby I love into a business I’m passionate about. I landed on the name “The Local Grain Company” because all of our wood comes from local Ohio sawmills. Using locally sourced materials is extremely important to me. There's just something about seeing the grain of the wood come to life with stain or knowing that the bookshelves in our son’s rooms are made of durable high quality poplar wood.

I started this business as a stay at home mom trying to contribute to our growing family. We now have two wild little boys and the shop has continued to grow each year. In 2020 we reached a huge milestone in shipping to over 10 different countries across the world and every state in the US! I am truly humbled and grateful for the journey this business has taken me on and for all of your support. When you support a small business, you not only support a person but a family and a dream. Thanks for stopping by!